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FPV Traveler T1160 V2 Kits(EPP/EPO)Without Suitcase-Pre-Order

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EMS/Post/ Small package Airmail please enter your tracking number here


 (Traveler T1160 V2 T-tail  User Manual updated on Sep.21  2017)

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Shipping: Please choose "Small&Light Parcel Airmail"

Only Traveler without Suitcase valid to choose "Small &Lighter Parcel Airmail" Traveler with suitcase is invalid because of the weight and Size restrictions by Post office. according to the feedbacks of some guys from EU told me the" Small&Lighter Parcel Airmail" is possible to passing customs without charges. 




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Hiking, Travelling, quick break down, packing and fast deployment. it’s fantastically a wingspan1160MM(46 inch) and length 860MM fixed wing into a suitcase which is similar to (but bigger) a A3 page size area.

Upgraded FPV Traveler V2 T-tail flying super stable and most of the time you can hand free flying even without flight controller, it's much more efficient and stable by avoiding the air turbulence caused by Propellers and Main-wing. the stabilizer now absolutely free from the front turbulence.

 FPV/UAV Traveler Plane T1160 

Wing Span -------1160MM(46")
Length: -------860MM(33.8")
Wing Area -------20.0 sq dm (310.0 sq in) <Main-Wing Area)
Material -------EPP (Black or White) EPO White
Airframe Weight -------0.42kg (0.88 IB) including all Function and Reinforcement parts.
RTF Weight -------0.90kg (2.0 IB) (including 2*Motor, 2*ESC, 4*Servo,1* 3S 2200Mah Battery)
FPV Weight  -------Approximately 1.0-1.2kg(2.2Ib-2.6Ib) 3S 4000mah-5200mah
  User Feedbacks she is capable of flying with upto 1.3kg, flight time around 30-40 minutes.
Power System  <Note: ARF including Power items but kits not>

-------2PCS Brushless Motor  Max. 170W    

ESC -------2PCS ESC 15A BEC 2A   
Servo -------4PCS 9G Servo                
Propeller*2 -------CW /CCW 6045                      
Battery Required <Not included by ARF or Kits' package>
Recommend 3S 4000-5200mah Mah to most of the fliers.  
Traveller Suitcase,  Aluminium Frame reinforced  <Options: Not included by ARF or Kits' Package>





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