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Finwinghobby FPV Transformer-Wing Portable Mapping,Surveying(F44 Kits)

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Finwinghobby FPV+Mapping Transformer Wing Watch Video :


Trasnformer Wing Structures and functions introduction:
F44 XiangJiang River HD FPV OSD Footage
Travelling To Nansha Bay FPV Testing
Transformer Wing F44 LOS Testing
Transformer Wing F33 LOS Testing
Shipping Method please select "Small Parcel Airmail"
Airplane color of the following pictures as reference only,

color of this batch airplane for your order:   (undefined Waiting for final notice)





FAQ1: Is it possible to be longer range by adding extension wing? 



FAQ2: What's the difference between F44 and F33 ? Here learn more



Finwinghobby FPV Plane Transformer-Wing(TFW) 

F33 and F44 Specifications, Your will know what motor, propeller, ESC

and battery you need to prepare by learning here:

Items F33 Specifications F44 Specifications
Wing Span 840MM(33") 1120MM(44")
Length 660MM(26") 660MM(26")
Wing Area 22.0 Sq dm (341 sq in) 34.0 Sq dm (527 sq in)

Fuselage and Wings:  EPP (unbeatable foam material in the model world)
Nose Fuselage:  Durable&Flexible Blowing PE Plastic
Nose Protector:   Elastic EVA


Kits Weight

0.53kg 0.75kg

Recommended AUW


1.4kg-1.6kg  (1.5Kg is perfect)

Max. AUW ever tested

1.15kg 1.64kg
Electronics required(kits package not included)
F33 Motor (1PCS) 2208 /2210/2212  (KV please reference to their motor testing report from which motor supplier you want to choose)
F44 Motor (2PCS) 2204/2205 (KV please reference to Motor supplier and what propeller you chose, different propeller size the KV must be differenctly)
Propeller (1PCS)6045 CW/CCW  6", 7" or 8" propeller


Testing proved setting Brake is good to

protect your propellers while landing

compared with Non-brake model

Servo (2PCS)17g/23g Servo   < Servo Size 27*12.5*29.8MM>
Reference to Finwinghobby Standard 
17G/23G Digital Metal Gear Servo
Battery Lipo: 3S 2200mah Lipo: 3S 4000mah-5200mah
Lipo: 4S 1500mah-1800mah Lipo: 4S 3000mah-4000mah

How about 18650 ?  3.7V 3500mah/Per Cell 

or 3.7V  3000mah/Per Cell,

flight time may >1 hour (experienced flyers only) 

3S2P 11.1V 7000mah (Approx.300g)
4S2P 14.8V 6000mah(Approx.350g)

3S3P 11.1V 9000mah (420-450g)

This is for experienced flyers only


FAQ4: How about Cruising Speed and flight time?

Cruising speed around 40KM-45KM/H if you want to be longer time

Powered by 3S, 4A-6A cruising, if 4S should be 3A-4A cruising

Cruising speed around 50KM-55KM/H if you want to be longer distance

Powered by 3S, 6A-8A cruising, if 4S should be 4A-5A


Please refer to this FPV testing video introductions
introduced what's FPV gears, battery and AUW(weight) etc. in detail:






Pre-designed bottom window for mapping, surveying.

Bottom Camera mount module and bottom lens protector are options only

(not included by standard kits)

Please add it to your order listing separately if you need!









FAQ6: which camera is good to be a  nose camera?

Camera mount module as options only (not included by standard kits)

Please add what you  need to your order listing separately






EVA Nose protector and nose lens protector are included by standard kits

but you can prepare some of the parts as replacements too

EVA nose protector naturally closed no hole

You can easily cut it yourself what size per your camera required


FAQ8:Is this lens durable?

Lens protector was made of Scratch resistant material PMMA




FAQ9: is it safety to protect my camera?


Camera to be protected by EVA nose, Lens protector and plastic nose

The most posibility your camera survived even after serious crash!

Keep EVA protector closed without hole is the best structure to resist crash

if you want to practice LOS flying  instead of FPV flying



EVA protector must be glued to plastice nose otherwise will weeken its protective effect

it's very easy to peel off if want to replace it by a new one







FAQ10: What is the stock power combo(kits no including Power combo)

Stock power combo including:

2PCS Hight quality 2205 kV1400

2PCS 20A ESC (BEC 5V 2A)

1PCS CW 8040/ 1PCS CCW 8040 Propeller

2PCS Digital metal gear servo (Size: 27*12.5*29.8)

weight:  18.9g (without wire)

Stall torque 3.0kgf.cm / 3.5kgf.cm



FAQ11: How about the Backpack?


Backpack is only 0.95kg, very comfortable to carry

Durable and Water proof material: YES 

There is space to carry water, battery even after packing the whole F44 

Backpack is options only not must ! (not included by standard kits)


Please add it to your order listing separately if you need.

Learn more detail about the backpack please refer to

(Click)  Backpack page introductions





Finwinghobby Transformer-Wing User Manual Download

updated on:


Forum Discussion thread : 



EMS/Post/ Small package Airmail please enter your tracking number here 


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